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Cap variety

Azure’s bottle caps come in three colors to make each custom bottle stand out from top to bottom. All bottles automatically come with a clear cap but can be changed to black or blue with a minimum order. The cap is also smaller than average which means less plastic and less waste.

Multiple sizes

Azure’s innovative bottled water comes in a variety of sizes to fit any occasion. The size options include 12 oz, 16.9 oz and 33.8 oz bottles. Custom labels can be created to fit any of these sizes.

Environmentally friendly

Azure’s environmentally friendly bottle design is composed of 25% plant material, 75% recycled material, and is 100% recyclable.

Environmentally Friendly Bottles

Customizable bottle

Azure’s revolutionary bottle design creates not only a look that is both alluring and impactful, but is also more structurally durable than other water bottle brands available. Our bottles are completely customizable, from creating a custom label to changing the color of the bottle itself. Azure bottles come in clear, light blue and light green.

Bottles of all Colors

Safe choice

All of Azure’s water bottles are BPA free. This ensures that our water is always chemical free and safe to drink.

Bottle structure

Azure’s bottles are sturdier and more durable than most competing water bottles. Each bottle is blown, filled and capped on-site.


Our water goes through a rigorous purification process that ensures you get the cleanest and purest water possible. We take pride in knowing that every bottle of Azure water that leaves our plant is free of contaminants and impurities.

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Carbon Tower & Water Softener

Micron Pre-filters

Ozone Oxidizing Agent

Reverse Osmosis System

UV Light Filter / Sterilizer

Phase One

In this phase, water from the local Florida aquifer is filtered through our carbon tower as the first step in clearing the water of any impurities. Next, the water is treated by a softener to remove unwanted sodium and magnesium ions that make the water hard.

Phase Two

In this phase, the water passes through multiple filters that remove impurities such as bacteria and microbes.

Phase Three

After passing through our multiple micron pre-filters the water goes through a ultra violet (UV) light filter which disinfects the water by eliminating any microorganisms that may be left.

Phase Four

At this point, the water goes through our reverse osmosis system which uses a semi-permeable membrane to help purify the water further. This membrane allows water molecules to pass through, but holds back larger molecules such as bacteria and unwanted ions and minerals.

Phase Five

After the water is passes through the reverse osmosis system the water is then oxygenated by adding ozone to the water, stripping it of any remaining chemicals and bacteria. Once this process is completed, the ozone converts into oxygen. The result is 99.9% purified water.

Clean. Simple. Pure Water. Absolutely nothing else


Azure Water is your choice for customizable, promotional bottled water. When you choose Azure Water, you're choosing:

  • Our green water bottles that are made in a shape that will make them firmer than your average bottle. Start the process here.
  • Our on-site water filtration and bottle creation.
  • Our clean operation that includes no bottle contamination or wasted water.
  • Our website's easy account creation and reordering capabilities.
  • Our quick turnaround service on shipping.
  • A minority-owned business.

Using Private Label Water Bottles at Your Reunion

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