Bottled Water Co-Packing Education

Learn Why Co-Packing Is The Best Choice For Your Business

Azure Water is your premium choice for bottled water co-packing solutions and custom labeled bottled water. Interested in contract packaging? We offer high-quality service with a fast turnaround for fulfilling any size order. We offer solutions for purified, alkaline, and enhanced water.

What Is A Co-Packer?

Also known as contract packagers, co-packing companies provide specialized services, including manufacturing and packaging products, for their clients. Some of the services provided by co-packers include: Research and development, warehousing, and distribution. Co-packing can help businesses achieve the right output for high volume orders.

Why Would You Use A Co-packer?

Scalability: You don’t want the volume of the order to limit your productivity. By choosing the right co-packer you can increase output and your margins.

Knowledge: By choosing an established co-packer you don’t only take advantage of their machinery but also their experience in manufacturing and packaging your product. Try to choose a co-packer that has experience in your industry and has co-packed for similar or the same products.

Reduced costs: It is expensive to expand your current manufacturing capabilities. You might not want to take the leap and invest in new equipment, warehouse space or the means to distribute your product. By choosing the right co-packer you can save a lot of the upfront costs and utilize their services to still meet the needs of your client.

Is Co-packing Right For You?

If you aren’t sure if you want to use a co-packer, ask yourself the questions below. Azure Water can help save you time and money with your bottled water co-packing needs.

Do I spend enough time selling and marketing my product?

As a business owner you wear a lot of hats and time is limited. You know you need to turn a profit and selling your product is the goal. Let Azure Water handle the production and packaging of your bottled water so you can provide quality service to your clients.

What kind of regulations do I need to comply with?

Regulations and compliance are a large part of producing products that are consumed by the public. Our facility is FDA approved and we follow all OSHA regulations. You won’t have to worry about compliance because we’ve taken care of that for you.

Do you have a great idea? Do you want to use custom labeled bottled water to promote your business and expand your brand? Let Azure Water be your premium contract packaging choice. We have the experience and facilities to help you reach all your goals.