Good Vibrations Bring Good Water

July 8, 2014

Water is a vital source of life, and for this reason its quality is incredibly important. For some, this quality should go down to the very vibrational energy of the water molecules.

Water Crystal Formation

An experiment relating to these vibrations was conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a graduate from the Yokohama Municipal University in Japan, and the Open International University as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine. He called this experiment “The Hidden Messages in Water.”

To conduct this experiment, Dr. Emoto used a dark field microscope to look at frozen water samples to see if he could observe crystal formation. What he found was that not all water samples would crystallize. Water from polluted rivers or from the tap all had an absence of crystals, while water taken from pristine, clear springs revealed brilliant snowflake-like crystals.

Essentially, water reflected the state it was in through its crystals. If the water was forced to exist in unpleasant conditions, it produced unpleasant formations. On the other hand, if water was able to exist in a peaceful, unaltered environment it formed crystals that reflected the purity of its environment.

Dr. Emoto then took his experiment a step further. If conditions in nature changed the vibrational energy of water, could other factors do the same? He believed they could.

He decided to expose purified tap water to the following situations:

  1. Placing papers with written positive and negative affirmations on various water samples. These are messages such as “love and gratitude” and “you make me sick.”
  2. Praying to the water.
  3. Playing music to the water.

Experiment Results

When he observed the water that had been exposed to written affirmations, he noticed the water covered with positive words formed striking crystals, while the water covered with negative words formed amorphous splotches.

These same results occurred when music was played for the water. Those samples exposed to classical music formed intricate hexagonal crystals. The samples exposed to heavy metal music, on the other hand, were void of any crystal structures.

These results were seen yet again after the water was simply sent either positive or negative thoughts, as well as vocal blessings.

The Power of Positivity

The power of positivity through Azure Water

After analyzing every outcome from his experiments, Dr. Emoto suggests that the power of positive thought has more impact than we may think. He showed how easily water takes on the vibrations of its environment. His results show how different vibrations can resonate with each other to create elaborate and harmonious outcomes.

Considering our bodies are made up of about 65 percent water, and the Earth itself is over 70 percent water, perhaps it’s worth taking some time to thank it. Azure Water does just that. The water tanks are surrounded by written positive words and phrases, while workers start each day by reciting a blessing before the water is bottled and shipped.

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