Thirsty? Why Water Is The Better Choice

July 14, 2014

On these hot summer days, we’ll reach for almost anything to quench our thirst. But before you pick up that soda or bottle of fruit juice, perhaps consider swapping it for water instead. In fact, many drinks contradict the benefits of plain water, even though they contain water themselves. And with benefits like cushioning your joints, regulating your body temperature and ridding your body of waste, why would you want to alter it? Here are four reasons you should choose water instead.

No Caffeine

Sure, sometimes we need that extra boost of energy that caffeine provides. But if you’re consuming drinks with caffeine and have no need for the extra energy, much more harm is being done than good. First off, caffeine can potentially act as a diuretic, depending on your tolerance. This means it can actually add to dehydration, despite the fact that the caffeinated drink contains water. Caffeine can also cause headaches, indigestion and mimic the symptoms of insomnia if taken too close to bedtime. Beverages with far more caffeine than normal, such as energy drinks, can even cause heart rhythm problems.

No Sugar Added

no additives in water

Drinking soda or fruit juices often times sneaks way more sugar into your diet than you think. Many common fruit juice brands have sugar or even high fructose corn syrup added in, virtually negating any health benefits you get from the fruit. Soda is just as bad, with an average can containing over nine teaspoons of sugar, not to mention unnecessary sodium and calories.

No Dyes or Artificially Flavored Syrups

While sports drinks have the benefit of working to keep you hydrated, the artificially flavored sugary syrups and dyes used end up harming your body in the long run. There is also a lot of sodium in these drinks, and while sodium is necessary for hydration, the processed salt used in these drinks is not the healthiest form of sodium. We all know how prevalent syrups and dyes are in sodas as well.

Water is Essential to Life

You couldn’t get a better reason than this to choose water to drink. We lose a substantial amount of water every day, so it’s highly important that we replenish it. It is used in practically every bodily process we have, from metabolizing body fat to flushing out toxins. Benefits include keeping your skin clear, aiding in kidney function and boosting your immune system’s ability to fight off disease, just to name a few.

At Azure Water Company, our water is 99.9% pure, ensuring that it is free of any harmful chemicals or bacteria. We also help make drinking water even more desirable with customizable bottle shapes and label styles.

Would you consider switching out some of your other beverage choices for water? Have you felt any benefits from drinking more water? We’d love to hear your thoughts on our social media channels!


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