Bottled Water Can Be Your Best Promotional Item

July 21, 2014

Without a doubt, people have come to expect promotional items from any major event. So naturally, promotional items are continuing to become more and more popular, whether they are pens, T-shirts, notepads, you name it! But this also means it’s becoming harder and harder for your company to stand out amongst the others when it comes to your own promotional items. What you need is something that people want and won’t forget.

At Azure Water, a custom label water bottling company, we think we’ve got the answer. Custom label bottled water can easily become your best promotional item, with four very good reasons why.

Establish a Theme

A theme sets the tone for your entire event. It’s what helps make your event memorable and entertaining for your guests. The very best themes are dispersed through every possible medium at the event, from decorations to outfits to, you guessed it, promotional items. Bottled water is particularly good at aiding with a theme because everyone eats and drinks at events. There’s no way they can miss the custom label with your party theme. They also act as walking billboards as guests carry them throughout the day.

Perfect for Personalization

perfect for marketing

One size fits all just isn’t cutting it these days. People expect personalization in almost every aspect of their lives but especially in marketing materials. In fact, marketers have cited personalization as the most important tactic for future marketing. That being said, a bottled water label is an excellent canvas for adding a personal touch to your event. Keep your message simple, yet powerful, and your guests will be sure to remember it.

Useful Beyond the Event

The beauty of custom label bottled water is that they help distribute your message even after the event has ended. They are great to include in gift bags for guests to consume at a later date. If they are sturdy with particularly eye catching labels, many people will be inclined to reuse the bottles as well. This means your message will be seen again and again, both by the person using the bottle and the people around them.

Element of Quality

Your private label water gives you the chance to promote the element of quality for your event, and it does so through the quality of the water, the bottle itself and the label. A uniquely shaped bottle with a sturdy feel gives both a visual and tactile sense of value. More visual quality is added with a label that uses vivid ink and strong branding. Finally, ultra-pure water rounds everything off by providing the best possible taste.

When purchasing your private label water, make sure the vendor guarantees your satisfaction. Quality is critical for your custom label bottles!

At Azure Water, we can help create your promotional bottled water for any occasion. Are you considering custom label bottled water for your next event? With Azure Water, it’s simple – our water, your logo!

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