Color is Key: Strategies for Choosing your Event Color Scheme

August 6, 2014

Whether we realize it or not, color can influence our thoughts and feelings in a matter of seconds. In the world of event planning, where eliciting the guests’ emotions is key, you better believe color is important.

Choosing an event color scheme down to the tiniest detail can really help solidify your event’s theme and set the mood. To help narrow down your color choices, let’s briefly overview the psychology of color.

Psychology of Color

White: White is great for creating a clean, pure feel. Often seen used at weddings, this color lends a feeling of innocence and simple beauty to an event that no other color can.

Black: When it comes to an event color scheme, black is all about sophistication. It is the perfect choice for high-end events where elegance is desired.

Purple: This is the color of royalty. If you want your event to have an air of wisdom and wealth, this is the color to choose. Just be careful not to overdo it or things will start to look gaudy.

Blue: Blue is most often named as a favorite color, and is usually neutral as far as cultural meanings go. Serene and peaceful, the color blue actually helps lower our pulse rate and give us a sense of calm.

Green: Green is the go-to color for all things natural and organic. It also creates a calming effect, hence the use of “green rooms” by performers before they go on stage (an interesting piece of trivia for those who didn’t know).

Yellow: This color is tricky, as it can be cheery and bright or drive people insane. Yellow is the harshest color on the eyes so it’s best used sparingly as an accent color at your events.

Orange: Orange is vibrant and playful, perfect for events that require guests to be lively and energetic.

Red: This is possibly the most emotionally charged color. Our eyes are drawn to it first when we enter a room and it increases our heart rate and blood pressure. Use this color at events where you want people moving!

Primary Considerations

Considerations for Choosing Event Colors

If your event is based around your brand, you’ll want to make sure the colors you choose compliment it. Color should be one of the very first things you choose, as it is going to set the mood and aid in defining your message. Although one color may seem like the best choice, it is important to really look at it from all angles.

For example, let’s say you’re promoting your new all-natural food brand and you want to create a peaceful atmosphere, so you decide to make everything blue at your event. Unfortunately, blue is the least appetizing color, as not very many foods naturally appear in that color. In this case, white or green would be the better choice.

Keep Up with Color Trends

Staying on top of color trends is an important part of impressing your guests. Some great ways to do this are to look at current fashion and home design trends for color inspiration. Industry related blogs also usually have up-to-date articles on good colors to use for the season. Keeping your event colors new and trendy ends up making you or your brand look trendy as well.

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