No Alternative to Water

September 24, 2014

There is no alternative to water, which is one of the most amazing resources on the planet, as it is entwined with every one of life’s processes. Absolutely no other substance can replace water. As a custom label bottled water manufacturer, we at Azure Water understand the value of water as a resource.

Putting the Importance of Water in Perspective

The Importance of Water

Unfortunately, many of us tend to take water for granted. Unlike most fuel, such as oil or gas, water seems much easier to come by. But an important distinction to make here is that we can find alternatives to oil and gas that will serve the same purpose (take electricity for example, which now is able to run cars). Once water is gone, that’s it, there are no substitutes. And considering everything runs on water, from our bodies to our businesses, that’s a scary thought!

To put things into perspective even more, it’s helpful to know just how little usable water there is for us on Earth. While 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, this is mostly sea water. Only 3 percent of the Earth’s total water supply is fresh water, the majority of which is held up in glaciers and icecaps. When it comes down to it, just 1 percent of the Earth’s water is drinkable.

Water Conservation Efforts

3 solutions to water conservation issues

With statistics like these, water is in the perfect position to end up as a precious commodity as the Earth’s population continues to grow. A way to prevent this from happening in the near future is through water conservation. Luckily, water conservation is not only easy, but has the bonus of saving you money in the end, too! One way to waste less water is by spacing out how often you water your lawn. Different areas of your lawn often need different amounts of water to survive, so asses what areas need to be watered more than others. If you have a toilet older than 1992, you’re using between three and five gallons of water every time you flush. Switching to a high-efficiency toilet will save over 4,000 gallons a year.

Giving Water More Value

A solution to many of these water issues is to educate people on the true value of water. We like an example used by Dan McCarthy, president and CEO of Black & Veatch’s Global Water Division, to describe why it’s important that society changes their perceptions on water. He pointed out that if there was a way to recycle oil and gasoline, the technology would be created and consumers would be more than willing to participate in this program because oil is a valued fuel. But because water does not have the same value, the thought of “used” water comes along with negative connotations. Unlike with gasoline though, we already have the technology to recycle water, making it just as pure as unrecycled water. A change in consumer perception could make a world of change in how much water we save.

At Azure Water, we take many efforts to make our processes as environmentally friendly as possible. We truly value our water. Please give us a call or reach out to us any time on our contact form to learn about our custom label bottled water. We’d love to help you with our water, your logo.

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