The Benefits of Spring Water

September 29, 2014

When it comes to finding a refreshing drink, there’s nothing quite like spring water. Just like any other type of water, spring water gives us the sustenance we need for a happy and healthy body. It also offers additional benefits that you won’t find in your city water or public water.

Definition of Spring Water

The EPA defines spring water as water that comes from an underground aquifer, which can be purified or left in its natural state. It may be accessed through a well and treated, or it may be collected directly from the opening of the spring. At Azure Water, all of our water is spring water from the Florida aquifer, which comes purified as a standard or you can call to request our spring mineral water.

How Spring Water is Made

Spring water occurs when underground water sources become so full that water bubbles up to the surface. As the water comes up to the surface, it is filtered through rock. Often times this rock is limestone, which is a softer stone that is easy for water to flow through. As the water flows up through the rock, it picks up minerals before coming to the surface as crystal clear water. If a spring does have a color, it is often from minerals found in the soil in and around the spring.

Health Benefits of Spring Water

Spring Water is Free of Contaminants

One of the greatest benefits of spring water is that it is free of almost all the contaminants found in city water. Since the water is being collected straight from an underground source, it does not have the pesticides, herbicides and pharmaceuticals that can be found in other water sources. In its natural form, spring water can also be a good source of minerals that are beneficial to our health. Mineral-rich water is usually slightly alkaline, which helps neutralize acidity in the body and keeps bones and teeth strong and healthy.

Be Wary of Some Bottled Spring Water

Unfortunately, bottled water is inadequately regulated by the FDA, meaning that a lot of bottled water labeled as spring water is not actually from a natural source. And even if a bottled water manufacturer is using spring water, there’s a chance it’s being treated using chemicals like chlorine, which negates many of spring water’s benefits. At Azure Water, our water comes from the Florida aquifer system and is treated without the use of dangerous chemicals. Our private label water is a safe and healthy choice.

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