Let Your Logo Design Make a Great First Impression

October 8, 2014

Are you in the process of designing a logo for your new business? Or perhaps your existing logo could use a serious makeover? With today’s saturated market and overflowing competition, every aspect of your business needs to stand out, especially your logo.

At Azure Water, we provide custom label bottled water that are perfect for showcasing your company logo. We want your logo to stand out just as much as you do, so in this blog article, we share some ideas that will help your logo make a fantastic first impression.

Keep It Simple

Keep it Simple

Save the fancy images and intricate typography for your website or advertisements, because when it comes to creating a logo, simple is the way to go. Complex logos can be difficult to reproduce on different mediums and can be difficult to shrink, as details become less distinct as the image gets smaller. But most importantly, complex logos are hard to remember. The logos that really stand the test of time are simple, yet powerful.

Bring Out Emotions

Your audience should easily be able to make the association between your logo and your brand, but this does not mean your logo must be a literal interpretation. Think about your company’s core principles or what emotions it brings out in its audience. You want your logo to embody your brand’s personality. A logo that can evoke emotions will resonate deeper with your customer and make it more memorable.

Be Different

Avoid Logos That Are Cliche

Most likely, your audience will only see your logo for a matter of seconds. The last thing you want is for them to confuse you with a competitor! Avoid using the logos of others in your industry as a guide, or else you’ll never end up with a logo that sticks out from the competition. Avoid logo clichés at all cost! Perhaps even avoid looking up these clichés lest they get stuck in the back of your head as you try to create your own.

You’re free to create any logo you please, but following these simple guidelines will ensure you have something worth remembering. To showcase your brand, design a custom label with us at Azure Water. Our private label bottled water is the perfect promotional items to make your logo stand out! Give us a call or reach out to us via our contact form or social channels.

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