The Fountain of Youth Legend

November 19, 2014

The Fountain of Youth is a spring believed to posses the power of restoring youth to all who drink its water. Tales of discovering this fountain have come from around the world, as far back as 5th century BCE.

At Azure Water, not only do we offer custom labels, but a choice of what type of water you’d like as well. Legend has it, the spring we gather our mineral water from was once called the Fountain of Youth. Read on to learn more about the history of this fascinating fable.

First Historical Accounts

Alexander the Great and the Water of Life

Mentions of the Fountain of Youth can be found dispersed throughout early history, with one of the first found in a document written by Greek historian Herodotus. The “Water of Life” was also mentioned in eastern versions of the tale of Alexander the Great. In medieval times, the Fountain of Youth was mentioned in the book The Travels of Sir John Mandeville and can be found in various instances of Gothic era art.

Mythical Land of Bimini

The legend of Bimini gained popularity during the Spanish settlement of Latin America. Native islanders in Cuba and Puerto Rico spoke of a mythical land of wealth and prosperity, and of course, it contained a fountain of youth. It was believed this land existed somewhere amongst the chain of islands in the Bimini district of the Bahamas.

Ponce De Leon

Ponce De Leon’s quest for the Fountain of Youth is probably the most well-known of the fountain legends. Story has it that he was on an endless search for the same waters of Bimini mentioned earlier. The reality is, Ponce De Leon never actually mentioned this quest for the fountain in any of his writings. It was actually Gonzalo Fernandez de Oveido that mentioned Ponce De Leon’s quest in his book Historia General y Natural, published in 1535. Oveido, who was not a fan of Ponce for political reasons, wanted to make the explorer look foolish so he told a tale of the conquistador’s futile hunt for the Fountain of Youth.

Salt Springs

The salt springs of Florida are a more modern interpretation of the Fountain of Youth. These natural springs that bubble up from the earth are filled with a unique variety of helpful minerals. In fact, no other spring system in the United States has a mineral content quite like it. Scientists have said that the minerals and trace elements found in these waters can actually help reduce the signs of aging. Sounds like a fountain of youth to us! Want to try these amazing minerals? Your Azure Water custom label bottled water can be filled with the very water from this spring.

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