How to Advertise For Your Non-Profit

November 25, 2014

Advertising for a non-profit can sometimes be a tricky endeavor. Most organizations direct a large portion of their funds toward executing their main campaign and large yearly events. Budgets for advertising and marketing are usually small and will take some ingenuity to create awareness. There are many free and cheap methods to get your organization noticed and become memorable with your audience. Having some type of customized items to give away comes in handy and helps keep your organization in mind. Azure Water’s customized labels are a great addition to your promotional package. In this blog article we will be presenting tips on advertising for your non-profit.

Know Your Budget and Execute a Plan

Understanding your organization’s goals will direct your advertising methods. Are you trying to reach out and acquire a larger audience? Are you trying to fine-tune your audience and target specific groups that relate to your cause? Defining your audience is a key factor to making the best use of your budget.

Make sure to take advantage of any local channels such as radio, television stations and newspapers; these outlets are often willing to promote and advertise your event for free or a very low fee. Ask about creating a PSA (Public Service Announcement) or short radio spot with a fun twist. Grassroots campaigns are also a great way to build upon an already established audience by using word of mouth to support your efforts.

Establish An Online Presence and Engage

Engage Online to Spread Your Message

If you currently use social media and have established a presence online, use those channels to let your audience know about any upcoming events and important news going on within the organization. Advertising via word of mouth is easier now than ever, utilizing social media networks can quickly spread your vision to hundreds and thousands. Twitter provides a great and quick way to share pictures, ideas and have your audience interact to be part of your cause. As an example, look at Azure Water’s Twitter page. Based on your content, other social media networks like YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn can provide ways to target different types of demographics depending on your goal and campaign.

Many organizations use these networks to engage their communities, stay in touch and provide interaction. Some ways to involve your audience can include using polls, having contests and allowing others to share their experiences.

Be Memorable

Find something that everyone can use and put your organization’s logo and/or message on it. Some items might include key-chains, pens and mugs; however stay away from items that might seem cheap or gimmicky. A lot of times, these will end up in the trash, resulting in wasted funds. Azure Water provides custom bottle labeling and is eco-friendly. Water is always available at any event so why not advertise with Azure Water? This provides a unique solution and will help your logo be visible throughout an event.

As you can see, there are a variety of low cost methods to advertising for a non-profit. Using a combination of techniques above, you can quickly spread your message locally and nationally to a targeted audience. Keep in mind most people would like to support a good cause and will help local organizations spread their message.

Azure Water would like to help support your organization and your next event by offering customized labeling on our bottled water. If you have any questions or would like help with your next great idea, please contact us or reach out via social media.

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