Why Simple Brands Work

December 4, 2014

The market today offers a wide variety of options. Think about it: when you visit your local grocery store, you have multiple cereals, drink flavors and options with every brand you see. Most businesses are finding out you can’t be everything for everyone. Keeping it simple with your brand will have a higher return on investment and save you a lot in production costs.

At Azure Water, we want to help you keep it simple with your brand. Customize the labels of our bottled water, and we will handle the rest.


The more options that are available to the consumer, the more chances they have to keep changing what they like. With this pattern of change, you can easily lose customers that might want to try a different brand altogether. To build longer lasting consumer loyalty, try to keep the options limited so they can pick one and stick with it.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer service is another key factor to keeping it simple. When a consumer has a problem with a product, they want a resolution – fast and simple. We all hate having to go through ten different automated prompts just to lose connection or be stuck waiting in a queue. Make the solution readily available to your customers. Azure Water makes the custom label process simple, offering either a pre-made label or custom, so customers can choose or create and purchase their custom label bottled water straight from the website.

Who Does It Right

Here are some brands that have been successful keeping it simple.

Aldi – A no-frills grocery chain that maintains low prices.

Ikea – Low prices with a simple to navigate store, consumers can easily find what they need.

Google – Providing an intuitive user interface.

Amazon – Maintains an easy to use purchase process and transparent peer review system.

The goal of every business is to maintain their consumer base to create profits. Keep your brand simple to retain your consumers and provide them with an easy way to purchase products.

Azure Water wants to provide you with simplicity in selecting your bottled water. Whether you choose an existing template or want to create a custom label, our website provides you with simple options and an easy to use checkout process. If you have any questions about Azure Water’s custom labeled bottled water, contact us or reach out via social media.

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