Using Customized Labels for Sporting Events

December 9, 2014

There are no limits to how customized labels can be used. We’ve previously discussed some themes for weddings and baby showers, but let’s look at how to reach a broader audience. Sporting events tend to be large events in general; you have both teams of players, friends and family plus the audience watching the event.

Whether you are using customized labels for a small or large sporting event, Azure Water in Leesburg, Fla. can help. Read further to learn more ideas on how to use custom labels for your sporting event.



Water is available everywhere all the time. Why not take advantage of that? Athletes need to drink water to stay hydrated and so do the fans. This is a great way to literally put your brand in the hands of the audience and their favorite players.

Do you own a local business? Are there sports venues in your town? This would be a great opportunity to invest and spread awareness about your business by sponsoring a tournament or even just the normal game day.

If your business is large enough and has the funding, you could look to sponsor larger sporting events. If you are able to provide this service at the college or professional level, you are sure to get a lot of visibility for your brand. Many larger brands will incorporate sporting events into their advertising campaigns, especially beverage companies such as Gatorade, Coke and Budweiser.

Sports by the Season

There are a variety of ways you can target this market segment. By using custom labels for your bottled waater, you can tie in a mix of seasonal themes and sports themes with your brand and logo.

Football is an easy sport to use to market your brand. In many towns, you have high school football stadiums which might have one or two games a night. You could sponsor the entire evening, provide water for all the players and even have your bottles sold at the concession stands to reach the parents and fans.

Baseball and soccer also provide great outlets to reach your target audience. Most towns have local businesses that sponsor baseball and soccer teams, by putting the company’s logo on the shirts or signage posted around the field. Why not order a few cases of custom labeled bottled water to provide to the team you already sponsor? These sports usually include a weekend of tournaments and some local or regional travel; during these events, you will have the potential to reach hundreds of people.

In many situations, the parents will appreciate your additional effort supporting the players or event. In return they will remember your business name or logo, creating strong brand recognition and referrals.

If you would like to support your local organization, Azure Water in Leesburg, Fla. wants to help. We can provide you with custom labeled bottled water with a variety of water types available for your next event. If you have questions or need help designing your labels, contact us today and connect with us via social media to share your event.

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