Why Promotional Bottled Water Is Powerful Advertising Tools

December 18, 2014

Advertising can be very expensive and difficult to hit your target market and demographics. Most companies feel they don’t have a large enough advertising budget and end up with a low return on investment.

At Azure Water of Leesburg, Fla., we want to help you reach your audience quickly and efficiently while staying on budget. If you would like to learn more about how custom label bottled water bottles can help your business, continue reading below.

Traditional Advertising Methods

In traditional advertising, it was very hard to track the ROI (return on investment) of your campaigns. This has become easier when advertising through the Internet and social media channels, but advertising in magazines, newspapers, brochures and flyers still have problems tracking what works and what didn’t. Some studies and companies have stated they receive anywhere from 2-10 percent ROI on their traditional campaigns. No matter how true these numbers are, they are low.

Promotional Water Bottles

Putting Your Brand in their Hand

By utilizing different methods of marketing, you can reach your target audience more directly and for longer periods of time. Think about how much money some companies spend on radio or television commercials. These spots cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for only fifteen to thirty seconds of air time.

Let’s take a different look at how you can advertise your brand through custom label bottled water. If I look around my office, and most likely if you look around yours, at least 25 percent of the employees have some type of bottled water bottle or drink on their desks. If you pay close attention, most people don’t instantly drink their drink and throw it away, but take sips of their drink and make it last from the start of their day until lunch. Sometimes, I’ve had the same bottled water bottle all day long.

With a custom label on that bottled, I would be staring at your brand’s message and logo for hours. There is no guarantee with any type of marketing efforts because the consumer still has to make the final decision to employ a service or purchase a product. However, there is a clear difference between having your brands exposure time being 15 to 30 seconds and intangible versus having a tangible water bottle that might be visible for hours.

As you can see, opting to use custom labeled bottled water for your company can be a thrifty and effective solution.  By providing water, something everyone needs, you will net more exposure time with your potential consumer.

At Azure Water of Leesburg, Fla., we would like to help you design and customize the perfect bottled water label for you business’s advertising needs. If you have questions about how to order or need anything help, please contact us. Also, join us on our social media channels.

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