Americans Need to Drink More Water

December 23, 2014

Do you think you drink enough water on a daily basis? Most Americans think so, but is that really the case? We are going to delve into this topic and find out how much water Americans are actually drinking.

Azure Water of Leesburg, Fla. wants to help you with your daily water consumption. Finding the right balance of water and other drinks is a major topic being discussed recently. With campaigns such as “Drink Up,” Americans are starting to consume more water than soft drinks. Read further to learn more.

Water Consumption History

Until the turn of the millennium, soft drinks were drastically in the lead of the most consumed beverage in America. Peaking in the late 1990s, some Americans have reported drinking up to a six pack a night. That equals 72 ounces of soft drink consumption which is actually eight ounces more than the commonly recommended eight, eight ounce glasses of water daily.

Drinking a whole six pack a night is an extreme case of soft drink consumption; however, in 1998, some research showed the United States averaged 53 gallons of soda consumed per person, to only 42 gallons of water. These numbers have changed drastically over the last ten years.

Americans Need to Drink More Water

Current Consumption Habits

Water intake varies by demographic, and this alone can skew the stats depending on whom and where you are looking. People who eat fast food more than once a week, eat less than five home cooked meals and consume less than a cup of fruit each day all have limited water drinking habits.

Better water hydration habits are more prevalent in those who are actively health-conscious. Those who cook more often at home, shop at farmers’ markets, limit sugary drink intake and spend at least 150 minutes a week actively exercising tend to drink around 5 to 7 glasses of water a day.

Drinking water is beneficial no matter how many glasses of water you drink. It is very hard for most Americans to over-hydrate. A lot of water is consumed through various sources such as food, tea and enhanced water bottles. Soft drinks also contain a large percentage of water; however, they also contain lots of sugar and calories.

Azure Water of Leesburg, Fla. wants to provide you with a healthy solution for your hydration needs. Our custom labeled water bottles will be appreciated by everyone around the office or home. We offer clean, high quality water for your consumption. If you would like to order your case today, please contact us. If you want to share some additional information about water hydration, connect with us via social media.

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