Tips For Drinking More Water

January 8, 2015

New Year’s resolutions: everyone makes them, but not everyone knows how to follow through with them. If one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2015 is to drink more water, you’ve come to the right place.

At Azure Water, we want to help hydrate the world. With our water, your logo, we can achieve great things. We also want to help you keep your resolutions.

Here are some quick and easy tips for drinking more water.

Tips For Drinking More Water: Have A Glass With Each Meal

  1. Add some flavoring. Although you can add flavored drink mixes to your water, be wary of artificial ingredients and sweeteners that come along with these mixes. Spice up your water the natural way with a slice of cucumber; wedge of lemon, lime or orange; frozen berries or sprig of fresh mint. The unexpected twist will tickle your taste buds.
  2. Track your water intake. You can record how much water you’re drinking each day with a paper chart or spreadsheet. Make a mark each time you take a sip. If you prefer to go the more advanced route, check out a water-tracking app like Waterlogged or Plant Nanny. The great thing about these apps is that most of them also have built-in reminders to keep you drinking water all day long.
  3. Keep water within reach at all times. Whether you’re driving, working or hanging out at home, make sure you always have a glass or bottle of water within arm’s reach. You’ll remember to drink water without trying.
  4. Have a glass of water with each meal. Not only will the water bring out the flavors in the food, but it will also help you feel fuller, reducing the urge to overeat.
  5. Down a cup of water right when you wake up. After not drinking water all night while you’re asleep, you’re probably waking up dehydrated and groggy. Try kick-starting your day with some gulps of H2O and see what a difference it makes in your overall energy levels.
  6. Eat water-rich foods. Okay, this technique may sound like cheating, but it works! Foods such as lettuce, grapefruit, broccoli and watermelon are great sources of water. The best part is that they’re most likely already in your pantry!
  7. Whenever you pass by a water fountain or water cooler, stop to take a sip. This small step can make a big impact on your daily water intake.
  8. If you must drink fruit juice, which is often high in sugar, dilute it with water and ice before drinking. You’ll cut calories without sacrificing some of the taste.
  9. Create reminders. If you forget to drink water throughout the day, create a reminder in your phone or computer to go off at regular intervals. If you download a water-tracking app, most have built in reminder systems to keep you hydrated.
  10. When you go out for drinks, have a glass of water with every cocktail. Alcohol causes dehydration, so make sure you’re replenishing your fluid levels with water. Bonus: This strategy is a great way to prevent hangovers, too!

Although drinking more water may seem at first like a daunting resolution, we promise you can do it. Armed with the quick and easy tips from this article, you’ll be hydrated and happy in no time at all!

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