How To Create A Bottled Water Bottle Bird Feeder

March 5, 2015

Azure Water of Leesburg, FL cares about the environment. Our bottles are composed of recycled PET plastic and twenty five percent of our bottle material is plant based. We know you care about the environment too and want to help you find more ways to reuse our bottled water bottles.

Previously we have published articles on how to create a garden out of plastic bottles. This week we want to help you create a bird feeder to add to your bottled water bottle garden. Keep reading to see how to create your own.

Materials Needed

  • Plastic bottled water bottle
  • Dowels, pencils, or even chopsticks for the perch
  • String, twine, or even a coat hanger
  • Seed combination or specific bird feed
  • Utility knife or scissors
  • A funnel or rolled sheet of paper

Water Bottle Bird Feeder


Step 1: Remove any labels and glue from the plastic bottle. Most labels will peel off easily – you can wash and scrub the excess glue off the bottle with some warm water and soap.

Step 2: Cut a small hole near the bottom of your container and another hole directly across from the first. This is where you will insert your dowel, pencil or chopstick as a perch.

Step 3: Imagine the insert hole for the perch as the bottom of the letter V and cut two more holes where you would find the top of the V around an inch above the perch. This is where the birds will actually eat from.

Repeat steps two and three again for a second perch. If you decide to make a second perch arrange it so that it is perpendicular to the first and around two inches higher.

Once you have created and secured the two perches and the feeding holes move on to step 4.

Step 4: Unscrew the cap and cut a small hole through the center to insert your string. Tie a knot at one end so that it won’t pull through the cap and then create a large enough loop on the other end to hang your feeder.

Step 5: Fill the bottle using your funnel with seed or any blend of bird feed you like.

Step 6: Cap the bottle with the string attached and find a place to hang your new bird feeder.

We hope you enjoyed our quick tutorial on how to recycle your bottled water bottles into bird feeders. This will be a wonderful addition to your bottled water bottle garden.

Azure Water would like to help you recycle our plastic bottled water bottles. If you would like learn more about how we can help you, please contact us or share your bird feeder with us via social media.

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