How to Make a Bottled Water Bottle Light Bulb

March 27, 2015

Most of us take electricity for granted. We come home and flip a switch, instantly light floods our living space and we continue on. You might even click on the TV, plug in your cell phone, throw something in the microwave and not think twice. There is a significant portion of the world population that doesn’t have access to these luxuries we use every day.

Azure Water is an eco-friendly custom label bottled water company. We care about the environment and look for ways our eco-friendly bottled water bottles can be used and recycled. While the credit is due to Alfredo Moser for creating this free light source, we want to help support and spread the idea.

Where to Use the Light Source

There are many different uses for this technique even if you are living in an environment where you have electrical lighting. Below are some ways to use this technique in our world today.

Storage sheds. This light bulb can be used in storage sheds that are or aren’t connected to your home. You can save money on electricity by converting your shed to use bottled water bottle light bulbs. By placing one or two bottled water bottles in the roof and even the sides of the shed you can illuminate the entire area better than a single bulb and for free. This will also keep consistent light in your shed to prevent the buildup of mold, mildew and lots of bugs and spider webs. Now you don’t have to run an extension cord across the yard or wire your shed for electricity.

Tree fort or playhouse. If you’re children are adventurous or have talked dad into building them a tree house, this quick light bulb fix can be used to illuminate the space. This provides an option for creating a door and windows that can be covered or shut and still illuminate the inside of the play area.

How to Make the Light Bulb


  • Bottled Water bottle
  • Galvanized Iron sheet (GI)
  • Rubber sealant
  • Bleach
  • Filtered water



Custom Water Bottle Light Bulbs


  • Cut a 9” x 10” sheet of GI.
  • At the center of the sheet draw a circle then another circle about one centimeter outside of your first. Cut out the center circle then make radial cuts into the one centimeter gap. Bend these tiny strips upwards perpendicular to the GI sheet.
  • Insert the bottle upwards through the GI sheet so one third of the bottle is above the GI sheet. Apply rubber sealant around the bottle and tiny strips in the GI sheet. Let this dry and test to ensure your seal won’t leak.
  • Fill the bottle with clean water and add roughly ten milliliters of bleach to prevent algae growth. Cover with the cap.
  • Cut a hole in the roof the same size and where you would like to place the bottle. Secure the GI sheet with your bottle to the current roof structure with rivets or similar materials. Reapply rubber sealant around the edges of the new GI sheet to prevent leaks.
  • Place a protective plastic tube on the bottle cap and apply rubber sealant again. Now you can enjoy your free 50-60 watt bottled water light bulb.



Cold climate? Add salt and a small portion of alcohol to prevent freezing. If you are in a really cold climate instead of using water you can use mineral oil as a substitute.


We hope you can make use of this free light bulb solution. This has been an invention that has revolutionized many remote villages and brought light to many homes that were dark even during the day. At Azure Water we care about helping our planet and being eco-friendly. Want to learn more ways to use our bottled water? Contact us! If you have a neat idea, please share with us on our social media channels.

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