Bring Clean Water to the World

April 3, 2015

Clean and fresh water is something we take for granted. If you never had to worry about a water shortage or finding a way to stretch out a limited water supply, it is hard to understand what families go through during these situations. For some, this is normal for their way of life, and for others this could be a significant lifestyle change. Some areas in our country are facing a water crisis as well.

Azure Water cares about the environment. Our bottles are made of recycled PET plastic and biodegradable plant-based plastic. While normal bottles take at least a 100 years to degrade, ours can do the same in one year. Would you like to help your fellow humans and the environment? Get involved with a clean water project! If your company would like to help, we can create a custom label and ship water to the area in need of your choosing. Read more to learn about clean water projects and how to get involved.

Water Organizations That Help Those in Need

Clean Water

This nonprofit helps provide access to safe water and sanitation in developing countries. works with local partner organizations to provide intensive training seminars on how important good hygiene is and how to build wells.

Columbia Water Center

This organization researches and designs sustainable models for water management systems. As a part of the Earth Institute, scientists and researchers work in the fields of hydrology, engineering, finance and agriculture to help address and provide guidance.

Three Avocados

Through the sale of coffee, this organization raises funds to build water projects in Uganda. The coffee is from Mt. Elgon in Uganda and is then traded on the market.

Charity: Water

This nonprofit organization brings clean drinking water to people in developing countries. All of the profits received from public donations go directly to clean water technologies ranging from wells to water filtration systems. A unique feature lets you pledge your birth date, and instead of receiving presents from friends and family, they can donate to charity:water.


This company focuses on reducing non-revenue water: fresh water lost due to distribution systems before reaching the consumer. Most municipal water infrastructures are not well maintained or antiquated. This results in millions of cubic meters of lost clean water. These efforts can create a win-win situation by delivering more clean water and saving energy to reduce costs.

Clean Water


This nonprofit brings short and long term solutions to those who need water. One of the most successful projects by this organization is called The Straw. This innovation provides clean drinking water once immersed into a water source. It removes water-borne diseases and will last up to a year.


This nonprofit was created by students and faculty from the University of Virginia who are working to create water filtering technologies. By partnering with universities in South Africa, the first project created a ceramic filter using local materials. A local factory was built and now produces the project on a larger scale. Another project is the MadiDrop, a ceramic purification tablet that is placed in a container that water is passed through.

We hope you learned a few more ways to help others gain access to clean water. If you are interested in participating in any of these efforts please go to the websites of the organizations and inquire how you can help.

Azure Water cares about the environment, and we want to help you help others, too! If you have any questions on how to purchase our water to donate, or want to put your nonprofit organization’s logo on your bottles, please contact us! If you want to share your experience of helping others, chat with us on our social networks.

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