Why Using a Co-Packer Is Better for Your Business

April 16, 2015

With the ups and downs of the economy over the last few years, businesses have been looking for ways to cut costs and become more efficient in their process. This is where choosing the right co-packer comes into play for your business.

Azure Water of Leesburg, FL wants to be your bottled water co-packer. Our facility is FDA approved, we have a variety of water sources and we produce a few different types of water. We offer solutions for purified, alkaline, vitamin enhanced and spring water. We’ve been in the business for over 10 years and can support any size order with a speedy turnaround. Keep reading to learn more about how to choose your next co-packer.

What is a Co-Packer?

Also known as contract packagers these companies provide services that manufacture and package products for their clients. Some of the services that are provided by co-packers include: research and development, warehousing, distribution and helping clients achieve the right output for high volume orders.

Why Would I Use a Co-Packer?

Using a Co-packer is Better

Scalability: You don’t want the volume of the order to limit your productivity. By choosing the right co-packer you can increase output and your margins.

Knowledge: By choosing an established co-packer you not only take advantage of their machinery but also their experience in manufacturing and packaging your product. Try to choose a co-packer that has experience in your industry and has co-packed for similar or the same products.

Reduced costs: It is expensive to expand your current manufacturing capabilities. You might not want to take the leap and invest in new equipment, warehouse space or the means to distribute your product. By choosing the right co-packer you can save a lot of the upfront costs and utilize their services to meet the needs of your client.

Regulations: One of the largest benefits of choosing a co-packer is saving time and money on meeting all the regulations for the product you want to produce. Some regulations that must be followed are: health inspections, FDA, OSHA and proper insurance. Depending on the products you are producing you might also require certifications such as: organic, kosher and allergen free (nuts, dairy and gluten). By using a co-packer you can bypass dealing with these directly.

Azure Water of Leesburg, FL wants to be your choice for all your bottled water co-packing needs. We have a facility with state-of-the-art machinery and can produce 5,000 cases a day. Our machine can blow custom bottle shapes, fill, seal and label your bottles. If you have any questions about co-packing or our capabilities, please contact us. You can also reach us through our social media channels.

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