How Does Staying Adequately Hydrated Help My Brain?

How Does Staying Adequately Hydrated Help My Brain?

May 7, 2015

Think about this: Scientists and brain theorists can’t exactly tell us how or why we think – or even whether other living species besides us Homo Sapiens actually think – as opposed to merely reacting to their environments (which is what we actually do a lot of time). Are we the only ones who contemplate our existences?

While we at Azure Water in Leesburg, Florida don’t spend a whole lot of our time in deep thinking about deep thinking, what we do know is that science bears out the fact that water – one of our many specialties – is so intrinsically vital to brain health.

Drink Water, Think Better raves, naturally, about the brain benefits of water, the liquid elixir for our gray matter:

A study, cited by the website, demonstrated unequivocally that regular consumption of H2O significantly improved cognitive function. The study was published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience by University of East London and University of Westminster researchers who were probably well hydrated themselves.

Water Consumption Makes You Think Faster

Thirty-four people were included in the study which compared groups who drank water or ate a cereal bar before taking a mental test.

“Our study found that reaction times were faster after people drank water, particularly if they were thirsty before drinking,” said study author Caroline Edmonds of University of East London’s School of Psychology.

The study found that drinking three cups of water before a task increases brain reaction time by 14 percent. Researchers also examined verbal recognition memory, visual memory and learning ability.

How Does Staying Adequately Hydrated Help My Brain?

“The present study revealed water consumption to have contrasting effects on different cognitive processes. Water consumption was found both to impair ‘set shifting’ performance, and to facilitate speed of responding, but in a manner that was dependent upon subjective thirst,” researchers concluded.

“More specifically, water consumption appeared to have a corrective effect on the response times for thirsty individuals, bringing their speed of responding up to the level of non-thirsty individuals.”

Don’t Forget to Drink Water

We at Azure Water wouldn’t give drinking plenty of water another thought.

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