How Much Water Should I Really Drink?

How Much Water Should I Really Drink?

May 27, 2015

Before you lay the blistering haze of the sub-Saharan desert – a gentle yet searing glare of climatic torment awaits. You’ve strapped on your new running shoes and you’re preparing to take the first steps of your first ultra marathon – 50 grueling (and insane) miles geared to test the limits of human endurance and reason.

Do you think you need to carry along some water?

We at Azure Water know that just might be the strangest question any one might ask. Of course you need water – and lots and lots and lots of it. In fact, you may do well to not stop drinking water – and eating – along the way. Your ideal state: To be drinking water continuously.

Who Are the Heavy Drinkers?

Human sustenance depends on water. It is the premier commodity of our existence. But do some of us need more of it, and others (those cubicle- or office-dwelling inhabitants among us) less?

Why, yes. Of course. Obviously, the marathoner making a trek into oppressive 3-digit temperatures may need to take in more than others. But what are the standards? How much should you and I drink for our unique lifestyles?

How Much Should I Drink? outlines some simple formulas to determine your level of daily water consumption?

  • Get on the scale: If you’re bigger, you’ll need more water.
  • Do the math: Multiple your weight in pounds by 2/3. That number is how much water you drink per day in ounces, for starters. For example, a 200-pound person would have to drink 133 ounces.

How Much Water Should I Really Drink?

  • Make the effort: The next factor to consider is your level of activity. Add 12 ounces to your total of every 30 minutes you work out daily. That means for the 200 pounder who exercises for an hour would need 157 ounces. The 150-pound ultramarathoner who runs eight hours a day would need 292 ounces a day, or two gallons and about a quart of water.

How Do I Drink More Water?

Drinking adequate amounts of water involves some self discipline and an easy-to-follow method to reach your daily goal.

Here are ways to help you reach your target:

  • Drink two cups of water before each meal. This level puts you at 48 ounces in a day.
  • Develop the habit of drinking a glass of water when you wake up and before going to bed. That’s 24 more ounces. You’re up to 72 ounces.
  • Where’s my bottle? Buy a special container, determine how much it holds in ounces, do the math to make up the difference (133 minus 72) and make sure you drink at least that number. For the 200 pounder who needs 133 ounces and doesn’t exercise, the difference is (including the first two steps) is 61 ounces. The person gets a container that holds 12 ounces. Divide 61 by 12. That’s a little more than five. So, the 200-pound person would have to drink the contents of the container five times throughout the day to reach the goal. The ultramarathoner would need to drink nearly 19 bottles of water (220-ounce difference) – and that’s besides the mealtime, morning and nighttime drinks.
  • Yawn, boring, yucky and bland. Add flavors to your water would to make it taste better. You can add fruits or herbs or get flavored water. Strawberries, cucumbers, lemons or limes might make for some interesting-tasting water.
  • Bubbles: The nose may know. Nothing wrong with adding carbonated or sparkling water to your daily allotment – in moderation and just as an addition. Go for zero calories. If the hotsy-totsy idea of sparkling water frightens your budget, you can buy a sodastream and make sparkling drinks at home.

The ultramarathoner and others may need to add minerals – especially sodium – to their water. If you live in hot and humid areas (and you work outside), you may also have to add to your daily amount.

Azure Water has a facility in Leesburg, Florida with state-of-the-art equipment that is able to generate 5,000 cases a day, including Alkaline Spring Water and Artesian mineral Water.  We can produce custom-bottle shapes, and fill, seal and label your bottles. If you’re looking to expand your business or have questions about co-packing or our capabilities, contact us.

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