GrowFL Accepts Nomination of Azure Water for 2015 Florida Companies to Watch Awards

GrowFL Accepts Nomination of Azure Water for 2015 Florida Companies to Watch Awards

June 18, 2015

Azure Water is turning heads as far away as Tallahassee, Florida, the state capitol.

GrowFL, a state-sanctioned economic development organization, recently accepted the nomination of the Leesburg, Florida company for the 2015 Florida Companies to Watch Awards.

Azure Water leaders are excited about the prospects of participating in this prestigious program. GrowFL representatives are expected to contact Azure Water to obtain additional information about the company, which is able to produce 5,000 cases of bottled water daily.

Azure Water ‘Deserves to Win’

In a statement to Azure Water, GrowFL stated: “We believe that you deserve to win, which is why we nominated your company for this honor.”

Azure Water utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and manufactures custom bottled water shapes. The company can also fill, seal and label clients’ bottles.

GrowFL Accepts Nomination of Azure Water for 2015 Florida Companies to Watch Awards

GrowFL’s “Companies to Watch” is designed “to recognize and honor second-stage companies that demonstrate high performance in the marketplace with innovative strategies and processes, making them ‘worth watching.’”

The Florida Legislature created GrowFL in 2009 as a way to help second-stage companies. These are companies that surpass the $1 million revenue level and employ between 10 – 99 employees.

The program helps award winners with developing economic strategies, accessing resources and providing support, and helps companies overcome growth challenges. Principles are based on the Economic Gardening® philosophy, which helps existing businesses expand in their communities and in the state. The overall goal, according to GrowFL, is to bolster the state’s economic wellbeing by educating and guiding successful businesses to expand further. The statewide program is certified by the National Center for Economic Gardening through the Edward Lowe Foundation.

Economic Gardening® has an entrepreneur focus that attempts to balance the traditional economic approach to business recruitment, GrowFL states. It is sometimes referred to as “economic hunting.”

Azure Water Joins 700 Successful Companies

In the last year, GrowFL strategies and assistance have led to the hiring of more than 14,000 people statewide. The GrowFL companies have an estimated sales output exceeding $1 billion and have contributed more than $2 billion to the state’s economy. The organization has helped more than 700 companies and recognized 200 successful entrepreneurs in the state. Azure Water joins those ranks.

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