Why Should I Drink Bottled Water?

Why Should I Drink Bottled Water?

June 24, 2015

If you drink bottled water, the sky will fall. Landfills will consume entire towns. Satellites will plunge to the earth. You’ll get cancer, your dog will catch rabies and lawlessness will run rampant across the land.

The critics of bottled water paint dire pictures of a land where the habits of health- conscious and convenience-minded consumers are left unabated: “Danger, Will Robinson!”

But in their pitch to curb – and perhaps eventually kill – the use of bottled water, the naysayers are missing the obvious, and we at Azure Water will explore the fallacies surrounding bottled water use and discuss the reasoning supporting what amounts to a consumer choice.

Bottled Water is Convenient

Why Should I Drink Bottled Water?

Despite the calls to use tap water or to buy (and carry) personal water containers – the 21st century’s version of the Old West’s canteen – bottled water is quick, easy and convenient. In this often fast-paced and sometimes stressful society where increasing numbers of people are carrying cell phones or iPhones as mandatory accoutrements for their daily working lives, perhaps the most important neglected addition is the individual hydrant? Or is it?

What does life become when you’re constantly lugging around a personal reusable water bottle – along with every other new contraption certain groups deem are absolutely necessary to maintain “clean” living? With the convenience of bottled water, simply toss the empty container in a recycling bin and carry on with your daily life.

Tracking Your Consumption

Most medical experts have urged people to get at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. However, recent studies say those recommendations are too low. Buying bottled water makes tracking your intake easy and convenient. We at Azure Water offer a variety of bottle sizes enabling you to gauge your water consumption on your own terms.

Tasty Tap Water?

Often municipal water supplies emit unpleasant odors or taste odd – on the metallic or sulfur side. This may stem from chemical treatment plants or animals or plants in the water source. Old  or unusual house plumbing could also be contributing to odd tasting tap water. Most bottled water tastes and smells just like pure water, often offering descriptions of the purification process.

Finicky Drinkers

Turning on your tap for flavored water isn’t an option. Many manufacturers offer flavored options. Some even offer carbonated or electrolyte-enhanced water.

In the Event of an Emergency

The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends homeowners set aside at least three day’s worth of bottled water for each family member for emergencies, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The agency estimates the average person needs a gallon of water per day – which for three days is three gallons.

Azure Water has a facility in Leesburg, Florida with state-of-the-art equipment that is able to generate 5,000 cases a day. We can produce custom-bottle shapes, and fill, seal and label your bottles. Are you looking to expand your business or have questions about co-packing or our capabilities, contact us.

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