Should You Drink Water During Meals Or With Certain Foods

Should You Drink Water During Meals or With Certain Foods?

July 24, 2015

With white linen draped over a tuxedo-clad forearm, the maître d’ brings over the fine bottled water for your careful examination. With all the finesse you can muster, you take a sophisticated sniff of the bottle cap, making sure to keep your pinkies elevated.

You let your waiter know that your 2015 hydrogen dioxide is absolutely divine and perfectly suitable to go with your Roasted Duck in Raspberry Sauce.

While we at Azure Water certainly understand that consuming certain fine foods with specific dining libations (white wine and fish?) is forbidden in polite society, we know that the cool, refreshing elixir of water goes with just about everything.

To Drink or Not To Drink? That is The Question

But how much water should you drink and when should you drink it? That’s the question.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, drinking two 8-ounce glasses of water prior to eating curbs your appetite, which means you eat less. Research demonstrates that drinking water before meals on average reduces calorie count by 75 to 90 calories.

On average, those who drink two 8-ounce glasses of water prior to each meal lose 5 pounds more than their counterparts on comparable diets over a 12-week period.

Water serves as a natural lubricant to digestion and helps flush water out your body. Although foods contain water, insufficient amounts of water may slow the digestive process, states the newspaper.

Should You Drink Water During Meals Or With Certain Foods

Biting the Liquid Bullet

Whether you realize it – you certainly don’t taste it – most tap and bottled water is fluoridated. The mineral helps build strong teeth and helps prevent cavities. Drinking water also serves as a good substitute for teeth brushing when the tooth brush option is not available.

The Body Drought

According to several medical sources, including the Mayo Clinic, the eight-and-eight rule – eight 8-ounce glasses per day – is not enough. New health recommendations are for men to drink 13 cups (104 ounces) and nine cups (72 ounces) for women per day.

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