Best ways to carry bottled water

What Are the Best Ways to Carry Bottled Water?

July 31, 2015

Slugging down water to keep hydrated definitely isn’t anything like the dusty days of the Old West. Cowboys carried canteens on their sides – next to their pistols – and refilled their supplies in lakes or horse troughs.

While the need of regular water consumption is as equally relevant today at it was more than 150 years ago, the manner in which we carry our water and the water quality have vastly changed. Today we lug our liquid in plastic containers – we are carriers of bottled water.

While we at Azure Water specialize in the manufacture of bottled water – for all tastes and preferences – we will examine the facets of this very vital health component: What’s the best way to carry our bottled water?

Best ways to carry bottled water

Azure Carries Many Sizes of Bottled Water

For starters, we carry a wide assortment of bottled water sizes. In fact, we just recently expanded our selection of bottled water sizes to accommodate different individual needs: 8 ounces, 12 ounces, 16.9 ounces, 25 ounces and 33.8 ounces (one liter) and one gallon. We also offer sports caps for our bottled water, which gives thirsty consumers the opportunity and convenience to keep their lids on tight – of their bottles, that is.

Your lifestyle and your habits sometimes determine how you carry your water. For example, if you’re always on the move, you’ll need something strong and sturdy.

Here are nine ways to carry water on the go from

  1. The handheld bottle
  2. The fanny pack
  3. The backpack
  4. The hydration belt
  5. The water bottle bra
  6. The thigh holster
  7. The bra with pockets
  8. The vest
  9. The water bra


According to Get Fit San Francisco, water consumers ought to gauge their lifestyles to determine their water-carry needs. Here are some questions to consider:

  • How far will you be traveling and how much water will you need?
  • Does the equipment include other features (the fanny pack’s extra space, for example)?
  • Does the contraption feel comfortable?
  • Does the equipment affect your stride?


The top five most popular choices are:

  1. Hand-held bottles
  2. Single-bottle waist packs
  3. Double-bottle waist packs
  4. Hydration belts
  5. Backpacks and vest packs


Whatever your drinking choices, we’re confident you’ll find the best way to carry your bottled water. How do you carry your bottled water? Connect with us on Social Media and let us know.

Azure Water’s facility uses state-of-the-art equipment that is able to generate 5,000 cases a day, including Alkaline Spring water and Artesian mineral water.  We can produce custom-bottle shapes, and fill, seal and label your bottles. If you’re looking to expand your business or have questions about co-packing or our capabilities, contact us.