Using a Sauna Requires Drinking Plenty of Water

Using a Sauna Requires Drinking Plenty of Water

November 3, 2015

Sweating is society’s equalizer; no matter how refined, how noble, how sophisticated or how prim and proper you are, you are inevitably going to sweat. In fact, health experts suggest regular – and sometimes profuse – sweating is actually good. It’s a process by which toxins are released from the body.

Sweating happens in a number of ways: exercise, hard work, sitting outside in the heat, experiencing extreme stress or spending time in a sauna.

We at Azure Water, the premier bottled water co-packers, understand the importance of this particular biological process – from the other end of the equation. Numerous studies and analyses offer various formulas to determine precisely how much water people should consume per day to replenish lost fluids. (The most common advice – which is on the low side – is the eight-by-eight rule: eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily.)

Hit The Sweat Shop for Hot Results

To expedite the biological process and to produce greater sweat results, health enthusiasts have gravitated to using saunas.

However, the use of saunas, while obviously beneficial, requires taking some initial precautions to avoid side effects from misuse or overuse. Increasingly, infrared saunas – as opposed to conventional ones that use heating elements – are becoming the more popular and healthy choice at gyms and at home.


Here are some basic tips from that will make your experience enjoyable and healthy:

  • Warm Up: Infrared saunas are typically set for temperatures between 100-104 degrees. Beginners may set the temperature slightly lower to get acclimated to the heat. Temperatures in conventional saunas are set between 160-200 degrees.Using a Sauna Requires Drinking Plenty of Water
  • Drink Up: Drink water – 8 – 12 ounces – before entering the sauna. Then take some water with you. Consuming water is probably the single most important step.
  • Bring Laundry: Sit on a towel. Your sweat will include heavy metals and other toxins. This is for the sake of good hygiene.
  • Don’t Dress Up: Ideally, it’s best to go into a sauna nude (but not at the gym or health club). The mistake some sauna users make is the misguided assumption that extra clothes, a sweat suit or a water suit help promote healthy sweating. When you’re covered, your sweat is trapped and can’t keep you cool through evaporation. This can lead to overheating and prevents the elimination of toxin-filled sweat.
  • Relax, Take It Easy: Use the time – 10 – 30 minutes – to relax, reflect, listen to music or read a book. You can always socialize if the situation warrants.Using a Sauna Requires Drinking Plenty of Water
  • Watching The Clock: Some experts rightly warn about overdoing your time in the sauna. Recommended time limits are 30 minutes, although 10-minute sessions at a time are preferable. The best approach to determine your time limit is to let your body do the talking. Get out if you feel like you’ve had enough. The longer you use saunas the better you’ll be able to tolerate heat levels and the longer you’ll be able to stay.
  • Back To The Water: You have to watch what you drink. Water, obviously, is your best choice. Consuming alcohol before, during or after using a sauna is an absolute no-no.
  • Sweat Rates: You may not begin sweating right away after going into the sauna. Then again, you may start sweating immediately. Sometimes sweat rates vary, but regular sauna users tend to sweat more profusely.
  • How Often? If you’re healthy, you can use a sauna every day. Saunas pose few health risks other than those caused by misuse.Consult your healthcare professional first before you start using the sauna.

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