Custom Labeled Bottled Water Helps Church Mission Trip

Custom Labeled Bottled Water Helps Church Mission Trip

December 7, 2015

While Nicaragua may have achieved its political independence from Spain nearly 200 years ago, the Central American nation, among the poorest on the continent, still struggles for liberty in other areas, such as natural resources and finances.

That’s where Azure Water – and Heritage Community Church in Fruitland Park, Florida – enters the picture. The bottled water producer sponsored the church’s missionary efforts by giving it 5,000 bottles with custom-designed labels. Church members will sell the water to raise money to go to Nicaragua on a mission trip to build wells in areas with limited or restricted access to fresh water.

Known for creating specially designed labels that convey unique and personalized messages, Azure Water has supplied bottled water to local groups and organizations in the past in efforts to engage the community and bolster support for charitable causes.

The fundamentalist Christian church’s mission is: “Living a Legacy of Faith by creating Environments where people can Grow Spiritually, Share Life Together and Serve The World!”

Heritage Community Church complete well in Nicaragua

Nicaragua: One of The Poorest Nations

According to the United Nations, nearly half of Nicaragua’s citizens live in poverty and nearly 80 percent subsist on about $2 a day. About a third of the nation’s citizens (about 2 million) don’t have access to adequate sanitation and about 800,000 Nicaraguans can’t get safe drinking water, according to WaterAid. More than 200 children die in the country each year from diarrhea caused by unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation.

Safe drinking water in Nicaragua

Years of war, strife and natural disasters have ravaged the nation, leading to insufficient investment in public infrastructure. Other factors, such as contamination from mining, agriculture, deforestation and soil erosion from extensive cattle ranching, have also wreaked severe economic damage on the country.

Heritage Community Church began its Nicaragua outreach efforts in 2009 by helping missionaries with Christian Veterinary Mission. CVM began in 1976 as a way to help Christian veterinarians and students express their faith and provide opportunities to serve others.

Azure Water’s designers created a label uniquely suited to the church’s mission. “Nutrition Facts” lists daily requirements for “Hope” (100 percent), ” Faith” (100 percent), “Peace” (100 percent) and “Love” (100 percent). The “Amount per Serving” states: “100% God.”

Custom church water label with unique nutritional facts

Azure Water makes custom-bottle shapes, and fills, seals and labels your bottles. If you want to expand your business or have questions about co-packing, contact us.


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