Azure Water donates water bottles to Miss Lake County Logan Daniels

Azure Water Helps Miss Lake County Florida

February 8, 2016



Azure Water just won’t quit. Not if Ally Stewart can help it. The labels – and, of course, the water – keep flowing. And flowing. And flowing.

This time it went to Logan Daniels. As owner of Leesburg’s Azure Water, Stewart makes it her business to invest in worthy local causes: church functions, local baseball teams, aspiring Miss Americas.

Misty Cash with Azure Water took note of Logan’s efforts in early January to become Miss Lake County Florida. Azure Water donated 10 cases of bottled water with a specially designed labels for Logan.

On Jan. 16, Logan became Miss Lake County Florida. “I have known Logan and her family for a few years,” Cash said. “Logan is an amazing young lady.”

Cash, Logan or her family don’t blush when they utter Logan’s nickname, which in some circles could raise eyebrows. “Her family and others call her the ‘redneck Barbie.’”

While Lake County, Florida may not be the Deep South culturally speaking, Logan fits the bill to a tee. “She’s a do-it-all kind of gal. From hunting, fishing, horseback riding and barrel racing, all the way to being a mentor in her community,” Cash said. “She is looking to becoming a (Florida) Fish and Wildlife law enforcement officer.”

The Miss Lake County Florida Pageant organization promotes involvement in community service and encourages participants to support each other’s ambitions and ideas. Pageant winners volunteer in their neighborhoods and in the county. The pageant’s aim is to instill in the girls a sense of the importance of helping other people.

The pageant’s motto fits perfectly into Azure Water’s.

Congratulations to Miss Lake County!

Last year, Azure helped with several local organizations and causes, including:

  • Leesburg Police Department’s National Night Out Sponsorship.
  • Fruitland Park’s Heritage Community Church sponsorship of a mission trip to Nicaragua.
  • MaryKatherine Fechtel’s bid to become Miss America (Fechtel of Leesburg had won Miss Florida).
  • A local Boys and Girls Club event.
  • An event for New Vision for Independence in Lake Sumter counties.
  • Leesburg Lightning, a local minor league baseball team.

Azure Water’s state-of-the-art equipment can generate 5,000 cases of water a day, including alkaline spring water and artesian mineral water. Azure can make custom-bottle shapes, and fill, seal and label your bottles. If you want to expand your business or have questions about co-packing, contact us.

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Congratulations to the Logan Daniels, Miss Lake County! We're so proud to have sponsored and worked with you!
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