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Zimbabwe Residents Seek Solace from Drought with Clean Bottled Water

April 1, 2016

The bottled water industry is expected to go big time in Harare, Zimbabwe in the new few months. As temperatures rise above 80 this spring in the capital city of 1.6 million residents of the land-locked South African nation, demand for clean bottled water is rising at unparalleled levels in the wake of scarce sources of clean drinking water.

Nearly 80,000 gallons of bottled water arrive in the Harare per day, according to news sources. Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa has said the import of bottled water has reached unprecedented levels, which has led to a surge in small bottled-water street vendors.

Farai Mushayademo makes $30 (in U.S. currency) per day selling bottled water, according to Reuters. “I survive on selling water and soft drinks on the street, this enables me to pay rent and take care of my family,” he said.

Supermarkets have joined the effort with increased marketing emphasis on bottled water sales. Advertising touts “sweet drinking water by reverse osmosis science.”

But residents are also wondering about the quality of the bottled water. “Some of the bottled water have foreign particles sometimes, so I don’t see the difference between them and the city council water,” said an unidentified resident.

Recent drought conditions have led to deteriorating water quality levels. Health officials have reported rising incidences of rashes and typhoid from drinking or bathing in the city’s tap water.

“This is evidence that the local authority has been unable to match the demand for water despite the $144 million Chinese loan investment in the upgrading of water pumping infrastructure,” said Precious Shumba, director of the Harare residents’ trust.

Azure Water Donates to Several Causes

Azure Water is a strong advocate of helping others in the community and around the world. Last year Azure Water helped several groups and causes, including shipping 4,320 gallons of water to Flint, Michigan to offset the city’s water-contamination woes. Others include:

  • Leesburg Police Department’s National Night Out Sponsorship.
  • Fruitland Park’s Heritage Community Church sponsorship of a mission trip to Nicaragua.
  • MaryKatherine Fechtel’s bid to become Miss America (Fechtel of Leesburg had won Miss Florida).
  • A local Boys and Girls Club event.
  • An event for New Vision for Independence in Lake Sumter counties.
  • Leesburg Lightning, a local minor league baseball team.

In Zimbabwe, recent drought conditions have led to deteriorating water quality levels.

If you’re interested in learning more about our efforts abroad, or about how we can partner together to deliver clean water to your community, contact us.

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