Azure bottled water for the Leesburg Bikefest

Azure Provides Bottled Water for the Leesburg Bikefest

April 29, 2016

For three days, the roar, the growl and the glimmer of tens of thousands of motorcycles filled the busy streets of Lake County for the 20th Annual Leesburg Bikefest. Organizers estimate more than 250,000 people attended the event, billed as the world’s largest 3-day motorcycle and music event, which encompassed 30 square blocks of Leesburg.

The Bikefest featured 85 concerts, 250 vendors, bike shows, demonstrations, bikini contests and lots more. As temperatures roamed through the 70s and occasionally rising into the 80s, thirsty bikers found healthy relief from Azure Water’s bottled water for the Leesburg Bikefest, which began April 22.

But this just wasn’t your normal pure bottled water, bringing refreshment and libation under the long weekend’s bright sun. Azure Water provided the “best water on earth,” naturally alkaline spring water with a pH balance of 8.1.

Drawn from Crystal River’s pure Heatherwood Spring, this naturally high alkaline water is completely pure with no artificial modifications or alterations.

Experts Say Alkaline Water Has Many Health Benefits

Health experts tout the benefits of high alkaline water for its ability for lowering the body’s acidity levels, which hampers the development of viruses and diseases. Drinking water with high alkaline levels helps offset the effects of elevated acidity levels caused by eating high acidic foods, which covers the majority of most people’s diets.

Foods with high acidic levels include grains, meats, fish and dairy. Fruits, vegetables and nuts have high alkaline levels.

The benefits of consuming water with high alkaline levels include:

  • Hydration: Alkaline spring water carries nutrition through the body at considerably higher rates than conventional water.
  • Antioxidant effect: Alkaline spring water is a powerful liquid antioxidant which helps reduce the free radicals in the body. Free radicals damage the body’s cells and bring disease and premature aging.
  • Better digestion: Alkaline water helps improve digestion and speeds metabolism.
  • Correct ionization: Alkaline spring water has higher oxygen levels making the molecules more stable.
  • Electrolyte help: Unlike conventional water, alkaline spring water helps bolster the flow and operation of electrolytes.

Leesburg Police Department enjoying Azure Bottled Water for the Leesburg Bikefest

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