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Pure Filtered Bottled Water Still The Best Choice

May 6, 2016

The battle has been waging mysteriously for at least a decade with endless claims proclaiming the evils of bottled water: It’s bad, it’s unhealthy, it’s expensive, it pollutes landfills, it’s a marketing scam and, by golly, it raises the national debt.

Despite the unwarranted attacks from seemingly all sides, the facts simply don’t match the hysteria. While pure filtered bottled water is easy, convenient and healthy, critics are attempting to fashion the industry into a villainous coterie of money-grubbing snake oil salesmen.

The truth, while seldom told, projects a very different view. One of the most prominent myths suggests that most bottled water is merely tap water in a bottle, which portends a more devious assertion: Manufacturers are merely putting tap water in a bottle and selling it at exponentially higher costs.

While some manufacturers obtain their water from municipal sources, the water undergoes numerous and thorough processes to ensure its purity and sterility, according to the International Bottled Water Association.

Water bottles on production line.

Government Regulates Bottled Water Labeling, Purity

Standards for bottled water must meet minimum levels imposed by the U.S. Pharmacopeia 23rd Revision. Intensive treatments include ozonation, reverse osmosis, distillation or de-ionization. The final product is bottled in very sanitary and sterilized environments. Read how Azure Water purifies its water.

The days of Old West hucksters selling mystic cures are long gone, but still the imagery somehow remains fixed in the minds of modern-day conspiracists. Confronted with the news of bottled water’s intensive purification processes, critics still decry consumption of pure filtered bottled water as being motivated by unscrupulous boardroom marketers.

However, the problem with that reasoning is standards by the FDA Standard of Identity expressly prohibit manufacturers from mislabeling their water bottles. If bottled water comes from a public water source, it must be labeled that way. That’s federal law. And those who violate those standards are subject to prosecution in public courtrooms.

While critics rage against bottled water by incorrectly pointing to facts and figures taken out of context, they have yet to unveil any manufacturers accused to attempting to skirt the law. The truth remains: Bottled water is the best option for those seeking a safe, healthy and convenient source of hydration.

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