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Bottled Water Can Be Your Best Promotional Item

July 21, 2014

Without a doubt, people have come to expect promotional items from any major event. So naturally, promotional items are continuing to become more and more popular, whether they are pens, T-shirts, notepads, you name it! But this also means it’s...

Thirsty? Why Water Is The Better Choice

July 14, 2014

On these hot summer days, we’ll reach for almost anything to quench our thirst. But before you pick up that soda or bottle of fruit juice, perhaps consider swapping it for water instead. In fact, many drinks contradict the benefits...

Good Vibrations Bring Good Water

July 8, 2014

Water is a vital source of life, and for this reason its quality is incredibly important. For some, this quality should go down to the very vibrational energy of the water molecules. Water Crystal Formation An experiment relating to these...