Bottled water copacker Orlando

Bottled water copacker Orlando

Azure Water is one of the top beverage bottling co-packers in Orlando. Our clients include small businesses and large companies looking for quality ODM and OEM solutions. The production process can be money and time-consuming for any business. We take the burden of manufacturing off your hands, which frees you up to focus on sales. As the best Orlando food and beverage co-packers, we consider all your design specifications to achieve your desired goals.

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

We constantly update our OEM solutions to ensure they match industry standards. We can collaborate with your designers to brainstorm unique ways to present your bottled water. Once we achieve a unique vision for your product, we embark on production immediately. Your design team will have total control of the creative process. In addition, we uphold integrity by protecting your designs throughout the production process.

Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)

Our ODM solutions are available to small and big companies that want to mass-produce on a budget. We have a collection of existing designs you can choose from and tweak to your liking. Our designers will recommend ways to customize existing design templates to suit your branding vision. We will tweak the packaging, branding, color palette, and production bundles until the product uniquely resonates with your brand. By choosing our ODM solutions, we help businesses save the time and money required to research and design a product from scratch.

Quality Control

We produce high-quality goods that meet global standards of production. All our manufacturing plants do adhere to Prop65, RoHS, LFGB, and FDA standards. We countercheck all goods in post-production to ensure they meet your specifications and market standards. We keep getting repeat customers because of the creativity and attention to detail we put into production.

Custom Packaging

As Florida beverage co-packers, we offer various custom packaging solutions to ensure your brand stands out. Unlike our competitors, we do not go for generic packaging. Instead, we design custom packaging with the end-user in mind. We take all the aspects of your brand, from vision to brand colors, and creatively incorporate that into your product packaging. We update our custom packaging solutions to ensure your product stands out on shelves or displays.

Unique Label Design

Are you looking for affordable CBD beverage co-packers to create custom labels for your brand relaunch? We offer label design services as part of our original design manufacturing solution. Our designers will create new product labels from scratch or revamp an old one you have.

Affordable Pricing

We make it affordable for businesses to launch new goods by handling all their production technicalities. Through our original design marketing solutions, we eliminate the need for a research and development team. Our production solutions will remain affordable to ensure your business breaks even.

Call Us Today

Contact us today for affordable and industry-ready OEM and ODM solutions. Our quality control team ensures we maintain the same level of excellence on minimum and bulk orders. As the best beverage co-packers and manufacturers in Orlando, FL, we offer competitive prices making manufacturing affordable.

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Bottled water copacker Orlando

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Bottled water copacker Orlando

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