Chlorine Removing Drinking Water Filter

Chlorine Removing Drinking Water Filter

An obvious problem with chlorine water is that it has an unpleasant taste and taste and devastating health risks. The main problem with using this water regularly is that it will make your skin and hair hard so that no amount of conditioner or lotion will reverse the effects. The worst case is that chlorine gets into the body via the skin and causes several toxicity levels. The most common types include the following:

  • Reverse osmosis filter
  • Whole house filter
  • Under-sink drinking water filter
  • Interface water filter
  • Front filter
  • Backwash filter

Most people who choose to filter out the water will use a whole house filtration system to reduce contaminants and make sure all taps in the home are safe for drinking water. 

Do you need a whole house filtration system?

The following are some signs you need a water filtration system if the tap water all around your house has the following characteristics: some contaminants go unnoticed and will go through the entire system discreetly without leaving stains or smells. Other times, the toxicity is so apparent that you cannot drink or use the water without feeling and smelling its foulness.

  • The smell of a rotten egg
  • The water leaves white streaks or deposits on utensils and plumbing fixtures.
  • Dryness of the skin or hair
  • Rust stains on metallic appliances
  • Spectacles of rust from running water, which means the water is causing massive corrosion

Do not assume that your water is safe if you do not have any of the above signs because contaminated water does not always look and smell the part. Consider hiring an expert to test for the following elements:

  • Arsenic is an odorless and tasteless contaminant that causes various hair and skin ailments
  • Nitrates that result in bacteria overgrowth and increase the risk of carcinogen infections
  • Lead is another invisible and tasteless contaminant with adverse health problems

Choosing and installing a whole house water filtration system

The right one depends on your needs and budget because there are several options in our store and other areas. The whole house filter system goes through the entire water-piping journey until each tap produces clean water. We prefer that you use this to protect your entire infrastructure against the physical detriments of chlorine, which causes the aging of different piping features.

How the whole house system works

Pre-filtration stage

This stage removes large contaminants and particulates in the water to allow the following filtration stages to work correctly.

Activated carbon

The stage helps filter out chlorine by binding it to carbon, which goes through the carbon filtration system.

Post filter

The stage removes the extra contaminants in the water to remove the extra sediments before the water gets to the taps. It is best to change this filter regularly because you want the water to have ultimate filtration before getting out of the tap.

Choosing a whole house filtration system

Our whole house system has a great capacity of filtering out dirt with a grooved filter to capture all the chlorine contaminants. We can help you understand how the system will fit into your water system to be confident about the investment. Contact us online for more information.

Chlorine Removing Drinking Water Filter