Tips for Throwing a Great Client Event

October 21, 2014

Throwing a client event is the perfect way to increase your company’s likability with current customers, as well as pull in new potential customers. There are a lot of moving parts in the planning process, but if done right, your client event can be just the boost your business needs.

At Azure Water, we create custom label bottled water that are perfect for showcasing your company’s logo. Look no further for the perfect business party favor, we’ve got it covered. But for planning the rest of your client event, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

Establish Your Objective

Set an Event Budget

Your objective is essentially the overall goal of your event. Is it about promoting the launch of a new product? Or perhaps as a thank-you to your current clients? Having your objective set from the beginning will help you with planning every aspect of the event. It will aid you in inviting media, speakers and even with deciding on décor. It will ensure that each of your guests walks away with something valuable.

Set Your Budget

Before the major planning starts, it’s a good idea to set your budget, otherwise you may be let down when you realize your company can’t afford everything you had hoped for. Plan on spending the majority of your budget on food, drink and the venue, unless it will be an in-office party. If money seems like it will be tight, consider having an event sponsor or partnering with another company your business works with for a joint event.

Prepare Your Team

Make Sure Your Team is Prepared

Make sure every person from your company who will be attending the event is well prepared. Someone will need to be put in charge of managing the team and putting out fires, while others can take care of the details. In general, you also want to make sure that every employee acts as a brand ambassador at your event. If possible, even brief any hired help on your company’s objectives and the key messages you want clients to walk away with.

Make Your Clients Comfortable

It’s only natural for people to be nervous when walking into a new environment. It’s your job to reduce that anxiety as much as possible for your clients at your event. Make sure it’s clear where the entrance to the event is located, placing signage where appropriate. Strategically place representatives around the event to greet and aid your guests. Your clients will also be more comfortable if they have something in their hands, so make sure drink stations are plentiful. This is a perfect use for custom label bottled water with your business logo on them.

Follow-Up After the Event

Your event isn’t over once the last client goes home; there is still one last crucial step. Sending thank-you notes or emails lets your clients know you truly valued their presence. It is also your chance to recap your event objective and gather feedback for making your next event an even greater success.

Do you agree with these tips? Do you have more you would like to add? Let us know! And for help creating your own custom label bottled water, give us a call, or reach us through our contact form or social media. With our water, your logo, creating the perfect party favor is simple!

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