Using Private Label Water Bottles at Your Reunion

October 22, 2014

Whether you’re in charge of planning your family reunion or one for your alma mater, a special favor for each guest should not be forgotten. For a gift that is both thoughtful and functional, private label bottled water is the way to go.

At Azure Water, we create custom label bottled water for any occasion you desire. For a reunion, custom label bottled water is a great way to make guests feel special or reinforce the purpose or theme of the event. Here are some ideas for using private label bottled water at your reunion.

Family Reunion

Family Reunion Water Bottle Labels

A family reunion is the perfect occasion to use a custom bottled water label with a photo collage. You can either go with funny photos of each family member or more flattering options and arrange them in a collage across the entire label. Not your first family reunion? You could also use a picture of the whole family from a previous reunion and place that on the label instead. Try this with our ultra-clear labels so that you can see the picture through the bottled water. You can also choose to go with a quote your family holds dear or a funny slogan that embraces the theme of your family reunion.

School Reunion

Custom label bottled water is great at high school or college reunions where the guest count will be high because it is a favor that every single guest can enjoy. Everyone drinks water! Not to mention guests feel much more comfortable at an event with a drink in their hand. Play up the theme of your reunion by designing the label with coordinating colors and images. You can also simply put your school’s logo front and center on each bottle. If your logo has changed since you were in school, add a nostalgic touch by finding a picture of the old logo or mascot that was used.

Choose Azure Water for Your Reunion Labels

With Azure Water, the custom label bottled water process could not be easier. We not only create the labels for you, but we also adhere them to our own bottled water so you don’t have to. There’s nothing more tedious than having to glue hundreds of labels onto store-bought bottles. We also have an in-house designer who can help create exactly what you’re looking for. Want to create the family reunion photo collage we mentioned earlier? Just send us the pictures and we’ll do the rest. You worry about planning the reunion; we’ll worry about your bottled water.

Interested in ordering your own private label bottled water? Give us a call or reach us on our contact form at Azure Water. You can also keep up-to-date with us on any of our social media channels!

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