Steps to Take Before Ordering Your Custom Label Bottled Water

October 28, 2014

Both attractive and practical, custom label bottled water are perfect party favors and promotional items. They’re one of the best gender and age-neutral favors you can use – everyone drinks water!

At Azure Water, we can design custom label bottled water to your exact specifications. Before placing your order, here are a few things you should consider.

Business vs. Personal Labels

It’s probably fairly obvious whether your bottled water will be used for personal or business purposes, but it’s important to make this distinction before ordering your bottled water. This is because personal and business labels should take advantage of different techniques in order to be successful. A business label should be geared toward brand promotion and potentially lead capture. A personal label on the other hand should focus on personal touches that will help the guests remember the actual event.

What to Put on the Label

For Business Events Use Company Logo

Although exactly what you put on your custom watered bottle labels will depend on your event, there are a few items that are safe bets. If you are hosting a business event, strongly consider placing your company’s logo on the label. Even if you don’t want the logo to be the main focal point, it’s incredibly important to include if you want your guests to associate the event with your brand. For a personal event, names or monograms are popular choices. For labels your guests can truly interact with, try out fun facts, quotes or photographs.

Picking a Label Theme

A theme will help communicate the emotions you want associated with your event to your guests. Using certain nuances in your label design will help carry your event theme through your bottled water bottle favors. For example, let’s say your event is an elegant affair. To run the theme through your label, use colors like white, black, off-white and gold, which are recognized as classic colors. Serif style and cursive fonts are also good choices for classier labels. For a more modern theme, use bold patterns, asymmetrical designs or typography.

Using Custom Label Bottled Water Outside of Events

Not planning to use your custom label bottled water at an event? While the previous design tips in this article still ring true, you’ll need to think about the way that your bottles will be distributed and how this affects your label design. If your bottles are being sold at a location where you will not be present, provide contact information on the label. You may also want to use some space on your label for the company background.

Once you’re ready to begin your label design, give us a call or reach out to us through our contact form at Azure Water. We can create a label design to your exact specifications. You can also ask us questions about label design on any of our social channels! With our water, your logo, it’s simple!

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