Healthy Party Food and Drink Tips

October 29, 2014

With holidays around the corner, everyone’s getting into the party mood. Often times, the biggest concern of the season is how to manage the holiday pounds. But with the right tweaks to your holiday menu, you can still have good times and good food without sacrificing your waistline.

At Azure Water, we provide custom label bottled water that are the perfect healthy drink for businesses and events. With our water and these healthy party food tips, you can’t go wrong!

Appetizers and Finger Food

Appetizers and Finger Foods

Buffets of finger foods can be oh-so tempting while mingling at a party, but they can also be a dangerous source of extra fat and calories. In fact, scientists have shown that we tend to overeat when buffets are present. Fortunately, some of the finger foods that pack in the most calories can easily be substituted. For dips, try swapping out mayonnaise and sour cream with yogurt instead. You can also offer salsa and hummus as dip choices which are flavorful low-fat options. Instead of the typical bowls of chips and pretzels, put together a vegetable and fruit tray instead. Adding choices like bell peppers, sugar snap peas and baby corn will get you out of the typical carrot and celery vegetable tray rut.


What can we say – we’re a little biased. The healthiest drink you can offer your guests is water. With Azure Water, you can really amp up water’s fun factor by giving your guests custom label bottled water with whatever designs you choose. They also double as a great gift your guests can take with them when the party’s over. Another healthy party drink idea is to create a bar where guests can make their own sparkling beverages. Set up soda water with a selection of 100 percent fruit juices that your guests can mix however they please.

Main Course

If your party will include dinner foods, there are plenty of ways you can swap out unhealthy options with more wholesome substitutes. For instance, use sweet potatoes in place of regular potatoes, quinoa instead of rice and low-fat milks and cheeses instead of the full-fat varieties. You can also choose to serve all gravies and sauces on the side so that guests can control exactly how much they want.


Dessert Options

This may seem like the area where you just can’t win when it comes to keeping it healthy. But there are actually some dessert options that are really quite reasonable. Instead of heavy cakes with butter cream frosting, try out angel food cake with fresh fruit toppings instead. You can also serve fruit on skewers for guests to dip in dark chocolate fondue. Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants and other nutrients that make it a healthier sweet treat for your next event.

Try out one or all of these healthy party food and drink options and let us know how they turned out on our social channels! For custom label bottled water, call us at Azure Water or contact us through our website. We’ll help you create beautiful bottles of healthy water that your guests will love!

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