All About the Floridan Aquifer

November 4, 2014

The Floridan Aquifer system is one of the most productive aquifers in the world. It is also the largest of the Florida aquifer systems, expanding almost 100,000 miles across Florida and into parts of Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina.

At Azure Water, our ultra-purified water originates from the Floridan Aquifer system. To learn more about this amazing aquifer and where your custom label bottled water comes from, keep reading.

History of the Floridan Aquifer

The Floridan Aquifer developed millions of years ago during the Paleocene and Miocene periods, when Florida was still covered by the ocean.

The expansive water system was first identified as an aquifer in 1936 by the geologist Victory Timothy Stringfield. He was responsible for identifying the portion of the Floridan Aquifer located in the panhandle of the state. In 1944, M.A. Warren of the Georgia Geological Survey discovered an extension of the aquifer in Georgia. But it wasn’t until 1955 that Gerald G. Parker noted the water and rock similarities of the Tertiary carbonate formations found throughout all of Florida, not just in the panhandle and Georgia. It was Parker who realized that all these carbonate formations were functioning as a single unit that expanded throughout Florida, and named it the Floridan Aquifer.

Aquifer Composition

At over 100,000 square miles in area, the Floridan Aquifer runs underneath the entire state of Florida. It is composed of carbonate rock, which varies in permeability throughout the aquifer. The water within the aquifer is restored annually by rainfall, which in Florida averages at about 38 inches per year. Not all of the rain is able to seep into the aquifer though, with only about 13 inches able to go down far enough to reach it. The age of the water within the aquifer has an incredibly large range, being anywhere from 17 to 26,000 years old.

Using the Floridan Aquifer

Using the Floridan Aquifer

The Floridan Aquifer provides water for several large cities, including Savannah, Jacksonville, Tallahassee and Orlando, not to mention all the smaller communities in between. During 1985, about 3 billion gallons of water were being issued up from the aquifer every day, but surprisingly water levels barely declined in the aquifer system. This is thanks to Florida’s high annual rainfall that acts as a consistent recharge for the water system. Although developments by man have created some troubles for the aquifer, such as cracks, disturbance of water flow and the addition of pesticides in some areas, overall the Floridan Aquifer is in good health. With proper water purification efforts and a push against pollutants, the aquifer will be usable for centuries to come.

Situated in Leesburg, FL, we at Azure Water take advantage of this fantastic aquifer system for our purified bottled water. For more questions about the water we use or our products, reach us on our contact form or give us a call. You can also find us on any of our social channels!

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